Due to global restrictions caused by the pandemic, Mark Andy continues to organize remote presentations of its solutions for customers from around the world. On July, 24th the company co-organized (together with Flexo Image Graphics, its Indian sales partner) the webinar entitled “Digital Solutions from Mark Andy Offer”.The virtual meeting, which gathered company’s customers from Asia, Australia, USA, Canada, and Europe, was an opportunity to show them digital-based printing presses from Mark Andy’s portfolio. Digital Series HD press, installed at the Warsaw-based demo room, was presented during label production as well. Webinar’s participants took the opportunity to ask questions Mark Andy’s and Flexo Image Graphics’ representatives who led the meeting.

“The webinar was an initiative of our Indian partner – Flexo Image Graphics that has represented Mark Andy and Rotoflex brands on the Asian market since 2000 – says Tom Cavalco, Mark Andy Executive Vice President. – Using modern web-based technology, our customers from different parts of the world could participate in theoretical and practical presentations of Mark Andy digital solutions. What’s interesting, they were led from several locations: India, UK, and Poland. The feedback from the webinar’s participants shows that the virtual event met their expectations. We received numerous questions from them, either during or after the meeting”.

The webinar was hosted by Lena Chmielewska-Bontron, Marketing Manager at Mark Andy Europe, and co-ordinator of the event. The participants received also a welcome word from Gourav Roy, Managing Director at Flexo Image Graphics, a multi-brand dealer of flexo solutions from numerous manufacturers in India and selected countries of the Asian region. The company hires more than 30 people and has regional offices in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Dubai. For many years, on terms of exclusivity, Flexo Image Graphics has represented Mark Andy in this area of the world and delivered Mark Andy presses to approx. 220 printers in India and neighboring countries. Currently, the company focuses on promoting Mark Andy solutions based on digital technology among its customers. Therefore, it launched the webinar devoted to printers from the region. During the event, Mark Andy was represented by Phil Baldwin, Sales Manager Mark Andy Europe, and Syd Roberts, Mark Andy Digital Solutions Specialist.

During his presentation, Phil Baldwin introduced Mark Andy, the company’s vision and portfolio, with a special focus on narrow-web flexo printing presses, as well as digital and hybrid ones. He talked about technical aspects of digital-based Digital Pro and Digital Series HD models that gain more and more interest from label printers around the world. “The Asian market, including the India region, still bases on conventional technology. Therefore, we are extremely glad about the big attendance of customers from this region in our webinar. Due to geographical reasons, they are rare guests at our traditional meetings e.g. Open House or presentations conducted in our demo centers in Poland or the US” – Lena Chmielewska-Bontron underlines.

After a theorical part, Digital Series HD press, installed at the Warsaw-based demo room, was presented. It’s one of the latest models, based on digital technology, from the American vendor. The presentation, led by Phil Baldwin, was followed by the Q&A session, covering various aspects of implementing a digital press as well as comparing hybrid and conventional solutions.

“The participants were very active also in this part of our event – Lena Chmielewska-Bontron continues. – Moreover, their questions were very specific what indicates that some of them consider investment in digital technology very seriously. The event, co-organized with Flexo Image Graphics, was another virtual/remote meeting of Mark Andy with its customers and partners. Recently we have run many “live” demonstrations of our presses installed at Mark Andy demo rooms in Poland and the US. What’s worth mentioning, some of them were followed by signing contracts. Considering local activities, we prepared a webinar for the students of the Department of Printing Technologies of the Institute of Mechanics and Printing of the Warsaw University of Technology. All of these initiatives were welcomed very warmly, so we will continue this kind of activity in the future”.

About Mark Andy

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