The DIG330PLUS3 is a machine to finish ultra-short-run digitally printed rolls of label stock with multiple jobs on one single roll. With full rotary flexo to apply varnish, and Digital die-cutting without compromising on the look and feel of a traditional die-cut, with Rhyguan highly automated plotting line. On-the-fly job changes, without having to change die-cut tooling. Automatic registration of the positioning, with a QR code reader and print-mark reader both included for automatic job changes. This machine is also prepared for JDF integration.

Job changes are automated using a combination of a QR code reader and the traditional well-known print-marks with a sensor to adjust the cutting position for each print mark.

Not only the die-cutting is automatically adjusted, but also the slitting can be automatically set in this way. Allowing for a highly automated digital finishing workflow, that is very suitable for the ultra-short run.

25mm Solid Steel Frame Is The Basis For Durability. Fitted With The Best Branded Components That Last A Long Life-Span

Operators Like The Smooth Runs, Durable, Repeatable, Precise Converting This Unit Delivers Every Day. And They Can Control All Settings From The Touchscreen User Interface

Options: Link With 3rdParty Systems:   AVT, Other Inspection,  ESKO, CERM,  Other CRM Cold-Foil, Slitting, Automatic Slitting, IML Support, Turret, Cutsheet And Much More…

Full Rotary Flexo Unit For Flodd Varnish, With Its Own Independent Tension Control.

Digital plotter die-cut system with two rows of heads each equipped with 3 heads. Optionally 4 heads extra.

Rhyguan Safe 360o needles, automatic calibration of the depth and adjustment for the thickness of the liner through setting on the user interface.

Automatic job changes (die-cutting and slitting) with standard included both a QR-code reader and an independent print-mark reader.

Fully Equipped With Servo Engines To Create Full Digital Control. Through Digital Real-Time Software The DIG330PLUS3 Gets All Servo Timings Fully Synchronized And Exactly Right For The Smoothest Conversion Runs Possible With A Minimum Of Vibrations

The full Rotary Flexo unit is suitable to apply flood-coating or varnish.

The Flexo unit has a convenient slide-back panel for easy access and is default fitted with a varnish roller, an anilox roll of choice, and Flexoconcepts orange doctor blades.
No tools are needed to mount the varnish roller.

It is possible to choose standard UV curing or LED UV curing. For heat-sensitive materials, a chill roller with an industrial chiller is also available.

Ask about our sleeve solutions and other Flexo printing options you may require.

Add extra embellishments to your digitally printed label with Cold foil. Fully servo driven unwind and rewind is also suitable for standard lamination.

The Rhyguan DIG330PLUS3 offers digital die-cutting without any tooling required for ultra-short-run jobs.  Using modern plotter technology Rhyguan offers the look and feel of a traditional die-cut, but without the die-cut tooling required.

For the digital die-cutting method Rhyguan uses Rhyguan 360o safe needles, which are very easy to mount. The cutting depth of the needles is automatically calibrated and can be adjusted on the touchscreen for the thickness of the liner.

The maximum die-cut frame of 310 x 310mm.

The maximum speed of 8 m/min, but the job change can be fully automated with a QR code and print marks.  Within two frame lengths, the die-cut settings can be fully automatically changed from one job to the next without user interference. Making this machine highly productive for ultra-short-run jobs.



This machine comes standard with automatically positioned shear-slitting knives.

The automatic shear slitting system is controlled from the touch screen user interface and the QR reader and optionally also through JDF/JMF.

Add extra flexibility by adding razor blade slitting to your shear slitting system.

The various rewinding options include the default single rewind.

Dual rewinding is the most chosen configuration. Cut-sheet delivery is also possible either direct from the die-cutting unit or with a separate rotary sheeting unit.

It is possible to add a simple monitoring camera prior to die-cutting, such as the BST Powerscope 5000 system.

Print monitoring camera BST5000 on Rhyguan machine

BST: POWERScope 5000 Video Web Monitoring | BST (

It is also possible to add an AVTEsko AVT software – the automatic inspection solution for the print packaging industry – Esko or BSTBST: 100% Inspection systems | BST (

inspection camera system, after removal of the matrix. This machine features a longer frame and a second splice table with clamps to easily remove any defective labels. Rhyguan recommends AVT camera systems but offers an open platform, which allows for the integration of all major brand inspection systems to allow you to get the best service available locally.