The DSiQ-R is a digital inkjet module designed to seamlessly integrate with Mark Andy Evolution and Performance Series platforms to create a fully hybrid, single-pass production solution.

Hybrid Has Never Been Easier

Going hybrid can be as simple as incorporating a retrofittable digital inkjet engine to your current flexo machine. With the Digital Series iQ-R, Mark Andy’s digital retrofit engine is recognized as:

Cost Effective

Say goodbye to expensive plate costs and reduce substrate waste on shorter run digital jobs and add capabilities on more complex flexo runs with this simple retrofit.


User interface is simple and seamlessly integrates into the existing Mark Andy control system.


The addition of DSiQ-R to your flexo platform will provide the flexibility to run flexo, digital, or a combination, while opening new market opportunities.


Get the most out of your flexographic press by expanding application range with a modular hybrid retrofit. Prints reverse text, barcodes and fine print with screen-like white, all in a single, high-quality pass.

Digital Print at the Click of a Button

You’re familiar with what your current presses are capable of achieving. However, with the support of the Mark Andy Digital Series iQ-R retrofit, you can expand the variety of applications and industries that you efficiently serve, all while avoiding costly setup and ancillary expenses. View our product gallery of labels showcasing the capabilities of a digital retrofit solution.

Technical Specifications

Web WidthPrint widthPrint TechnologyPrint ResolutionColors
13 inch, (330mm)13.1 inch, (333mm)Piezo drop-on-demand inkjet600dpi native, including 4 greyscales (Nominal 1340dpi)4 (CMYK) or 5 (WW+CMYK) color options
SpeedsCompatible Press ModelsSubstratesServiceRequirements
50 m/min | 164 ft/min (high-quality mode) 70 m/min | 230 ft/min (high-production mode)Mark Andy Evolution Series and Performance Series.PET, PP and Paper Self-adhesive Label Stock380-420V, 3 phase6-8 bar (90-115psi) compressed air
CuringOptionsEnvironmentalRequirementsPrinting Process
UV Curing Required: Cure requirements are 180W/190W per cm. Currently approved systems are GEW Nuva2 or GEW E4C. Iron-doped lamps. See MA specialist for more details.Variable Data Printing (VDP) capability• Optimal temperature range 20–22˚C (68–72°F)• Maximum temperature range 20–25˚C (68–77°F) • Ink storage 20–25˚C (68–77°F) • Optimum humidity range 40–60% • Dust controlled environment preferredUV Inkjet
Substrate RangeConsumables/ SuppliesService & Maintenance
Ideal for PET, PP and Paper Self-adhesive Label Stock.The iQ-R utilizes the same UV ink formulation as our Digital Series IQ and can be purchased through Mark Andy Print Products.Our dedicated support team provides comprehensive training during installation, enabling you to self-service maintenance your equipment. It’s really that simple.