The Rhyguan TOP330 (RF200) is a mask making machine. It is designed for the usage of materials required to create KN95, FFP2, or N95 type of face masks.

What can it do?

This unit can in-line laminate a maximum of 5 layers of materials. Also can insert a nose-bridge. Moreover, it can accurately die-cut the mask-shape, which is delivered on a conveyor belt.

The Rhyguan TOP330 (RF200 KN95) combines a 5+1 unwind for the material and the (roll-fed) nose-strip material. This is followed by an ultrasound unit which in combination with a servo-driven tooled pressure roller laminates the 5 layers together.

Meanwhile, the servo-driven high duty die-cut unit will accurately cut the material into a mask shape. The waste is wound up on a high-duty waste matrix, and the die-cut mask material is delivered on a conveyor belt.

In the end, come to create a final facemask. The die-cut masks will need 3rd party units to be sealed to create a curved mask and a 3rd party unit for elastic cords will need to be added.