The Rhyguan SMART HRI series are compact inspection machines for slitting and rewinding. Each unit features highly advanced servo technology, with excellent control over rewind tension control, and precision at high speed. The SMART HRI is designed for 100% inspection and high-speed slitting and rewinding of a wide range of material. The Rhyguan concept allows for high precision and integration with your favorite brand inspection system and inkjet numbering system.

Available in three widths: 420mm and 520mm

The basic SMART HRI will stop a faulty label right on the vertical inspection table for your operator to take action. It can wind back the web to allow the inspection camera to re-inspect the correction and help you ensure no faulty label leaves your facility. It is standard fitted with high precision slitting knives and a single rewind shaft with an air-expandable mandrel. Accuracy and seamless operation are guaranteed. The web is easy to access. Rewind tension can easily be controlled. A label and meter counter and automatic roll-stop are included. Operating the SMART HRI is easy and intuitive. SMART software intelligently determines the right moment to wind back, to allow for optimal productivity.

The SMART HRI can be upgraded to set the position of the slitting knives from the touch screen user-interface automatically. An innovative scanner can sense the (pre-cut) die-lines to further reduce operator intervention. Easily add razor blade slitting to your shear slitting system to quickly switch from one type of media to another.

Upgrade with Dual rewind, Semi-automatic turret rewind for higher productivity.
For rewinding film, media upgrade with pressure rollers to avoid air-bubbles to build up during rewinding, differential rewind shafts, and add control of the slip tress-hold from the User interface.

Integration with your CRM system is possible with the Rhyguan JDF/JMF interface. JDF data can be used to automatically position slitting knives, counting, and collation, in-ward outward rewinding. the SMART HMS and seamlessly collect management information including the number of faulty labels in real-time.

The SMART HRI can also be fitted with an inkjet system for front-side or back-side sequential numbering.

High speed: 100% Inspection slitter rewinder machine with re-inspection upto 300m/min

Versatility – designed for a wide range of applications and materials.

Advanced servo technology – Provides perfect web control, with adjustable web tension and integrated Slitting unit

Inspection system of choice – Designed for integration with any major brand inspection system

Ergonomic – user friendly, with a vertical inspection table, and rewinding rolls, and controls all accessible from one position.

Counting options – including the number of labels, diameter at rewind roll, web length.

Choice of web widths – 330mm, 450mm, and 520mm.

Quick set up and change over the Touchscreen user interface to easily set cutting distance, counting, and collation amount.

Inkjet numbering – Optionally add either front-side or back-side inkjet numbering.

Standard delivered with shear slitting knives – Increase productivity with automatic shear
slitting to control the knives from the user-interface. Optional further
automation and razor blades are also available.

Suitable to rewind thin films with optional Core-Lock differential rewind shafts. – Slip threshold can be controlled from the
touchscreen user panel. Add Lay-on rollers avoid air-bubbles during rewinding