The iSeries iPro software upgrade is available for all iSeries products with motorised camera traverse.

The iPro software package is an extension of the already highly functional iTouch software, and adds high end features that makes the iPro top in its class.

Complete with the same 21.5″ widescreen touch monitor as the iTouch package the iPro excells with the addition of a Jobs Database, which can store upto 250 unique jobs, a Webmap rapid navigation tool, USB image capture and yet more positional Thumbnail storage.

With these advanced features the iPro software package will fit the needs of the most quality concious printers and really is unbeatable value in its class.

Webmap – Rapid NavigationJob DataBaseThumbnail Gallery – Visual points of Interest
The iPro Webmap feature introduces true touch and go rapid navigation to the iSeries inspection system. On demand the iSeries camera will make a complete scan of the web, storing images as it does so, to build up a complete composite image of the entire print repeat. Once the Webmap has been created camera positioning is as simple a touching the part of the webmap where the camera is desired, causing the camera to move to that exact position at high spped.The iSeries iPro software includes a powerful Job Database that allows the storage of job specific settings. This means that once a particular job has been set up, the Webmap created and the Thumbnail points of interest stored, that information can be saved in the database as a Job. Next time the same job is reprinted the job can be recalled from the database and the Job Settings, Webmap and Thumbnails can all be restored in seconds, leaving the iSeries system ready for rapid inspection before a drop of ink is laid on the web. Up to a maximum of 250 Different Jobs can be stored in the database.For partcular points of interest on the print repeat, the Thumbnail Gallery gives the user the ability to easily store the position and zoom seeng complete with a thumbnail image of the web positon. Upto to 18 Thumbnails can be stored. Simple touching a stored Thumbnail causes the camera to move rapidly to that web position and zoom to the selected magnification.
Dynamic Scan ProgramsMultiviewUSB Image to DiscPlus – standard iSeries features …
The iSeries iPro software has various modes of automatically scanning the complete web. Horizontal or vertical scanning, continuous mode or with pauses at each scan location, the Dynamic Scan controls allow complete adjust of camera speed, step size and dwell time at each scan position. All settngs can be changed interactively while the camera is scanning. This ensures that all of the web is scanned optimally. The multiview feature, creates an innovative image buffer allowing the operator, to not only see the current camera image, but also to see a series of images that were recorded over the previous 9 flashes. When used in conjunction with one of the Dynamic Scan programs this feature allows the operator to view the print quality of a very large area of the web with a single glance.This feature enable the oprtaor to save the current image to USB flash Disc, so it can be transferred to PC for archiving or further use. ORV – Optimum Reflective Viewing mode Split Screen Zoom Preset Variable Speed Traverse Image Rotation