Label Inspection

The LabelRoll series are specifically developed for printing quality inspection of electronic labels, daily chemical labels, pharmaceutical labels, food label and other self-adhesive labels. Being able to be applied on the whole label printing workflow, the LabelRoll products not only can help users to reduce labor and material cost, but also enhance production efficiency and quality management level, which means more profit and competitiveness for our customers.

Product Samples

Inspection Workflow

Automatically Stop On Defects

Offline inspection equipment allows defected label automatically and accurately stop on the operation station for opera1tor to remove and replace the bad one with good product. The operator can also control and eliminated those defects that do not need to stop to enhance the whole efficiency.

Inline Inspection and Offline Elimination

LabelRoll-P series inline inspection system is installed on press to monitor product quality, avoid continuous waste and recording defects data which will be transferred to server for manual check and judge. LabelRoll-R offline rewinder (without inspection system) will download defects data and eliminate defected products, in which slitting process can also be done. This workflow can greatly enhance work efficiency by separating inspection and eliminating process.

Separating Inspection and Elimination

This solution is developed for inspection of self-adhesive with higher waste rate. Inspecting and removing labels with defects are separated on two equipments. After inspection, server will automatically record all the defects data and send signal to LabelRoll-R review system, which will download all the confirmed data for further elimination and replacement. Work efficiency can be greatly enhanced when waste rate is more than 10%.

LabelRoll-P Series Inline Quality Inspection System

LabelRoll-LT Series Offline Quality Inspection System

LabelRoll-F Series Offline Quality Inspection System

LabelMaster-KA Series Quality Inspection System