Compact Design. Economic Efficiency

The Mark Andy 830 was built as a value-add flexographic web converting press for self-adhesive label printing. Operator friendly with convenient access to print stations and press controls, the compact design of the 830 can make a big impact on your bottom line with a small impact on your budget.

A Cost-Effective Flexo Solution


With a history of quality, the Mark Andy 830 is a central impression flexographic web converting machine.


Modestly priced, the 830 press offers profitable label printing and a 60-day warranty on press parts.


Familiar system functions offer efficient job management with a central operator control panel, easy access print station and pneumatically controlled waste wind up.

Application Variety Without the Pricetag

Pro Series Technical Specifications

Web WidthMax SpeedSubstrate RangeMax Die Cut Width
10 inch (250mm)300 fpm (91 m/min)2-10 mil (50-250 micron)10 inch (250mm)
Print Repeat RangeDie Repeat (Top)Die Repeat (Bottom)Unwind CapacityRewind Capacity
5.5-15 inch (140-381mm)4-15 inch (102-381 mm)4-9.25 inch (102-235 mm)18 inch (457mm)18 inch (457 mm)