NUVA2 is the most effective UV curing system for wide web coating and specialist industrial applications. Fully air-cooled up to 250cm and available up to 27kW total lamp power, NUVA2 is available with a wide range of customisation and integration options.

GEW’s patented reflectors are actively cooled to ensure that heat transfer to the substrate is minimised, whilst delivering the highest UV intensity and dose available. The quick-change cassette design ensures fast lamp changes with only 1 hex key tool required and the innovative spherical lamp ends prevent breakages on long lamp changes.

Reliability is guaranteed and when powered by GEW’s RHINO system, NUVA2 can be purchased with a 5 year warranty which means no unplanned maintenance costs well beyond the return on investment period.

NUVA2 is ArcLED ready so that a NUVA2 and LeoLED cassette can be used interchangeably in the same print unit and existing NUVA2 systems can be cost-effectively upgraded in the field with only the LED cassette and chiller required.


High performance – UV curing for any irradiation width; fully air-cooled for optimum reliability and energy efficiency

Easy maintenance – A smooth action cassette design makes quick lamp changes possible with 1 operator and 1 hex key tool, even with a 250cm lamphead

ArcLED flexibility – NUVA2 and LeoLED cassettes can fit in the same casing and run on the same power and control for flexible hybrid press setups

5-year warranty – Safeguards against unplanned maintenance costs

Maximum machine productivity – Fast start lamp technology; system proactively avoids unplanned downtime; consistent, high-speed curing; quick to install

Flexible options – Doped lamps (Fe, Ga); multipoint UV monitoring; inert gas and customisation to suit specialist applications

Max electrical power180W / cm
Irradiance at focal point6.9W / cm²*
Typical dose @ 100m / min160mJ / cm²*
Maximum length250cm
Standard cross section145mm W x 293mm H
Standard max operating temperature40°C (104°F)
Standard max humidityNon-condensing