Flexo Image Graphics also deals in Flexible Dies, these cutting dies are made of high-strength steel using up-to-date CNC technologies. We guarantee the maximum achievable tolerances, maximum service life and economical operation when used on all types of cutting equipment (rotary, semi-rotary, flat).


Even our standard quality complies with all the high requirements for quality.


We can of course produce any customized cut-out shapes, their combinations, sharp corners, perforation and any number of heights.


Cutting dies for:

  • all types of self-adhesive materials
  • all types of layered (sandwich) materials and single-layer film
  • booklet labels
  • envelopes and forms
  • light cardboard, tickets, incl. blowing out the cut-out waste
  • security cuts, perforation and micro-perforation (min. 0.2:0.2mm)
  • endless cut-outs with a minimum gap of 0.2mm
  • creasing and embossing

We produce cutting dies with a blade height of up to 1.00mm and cutting angles of 50°- 110°. The blade height is produced with a tolerance of +/- 0.002mm and a planar tolerance of +/- 0.002mm.

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We assure you of the good quality and special price for the same.