With a Presstek 52DI®-AC, your entire printing operation becomes automated— plate advancing, imaging, printing and coating are combined into one compact, easy-to-use press. Printed sheets are immediately dried, improving your overall job turnaround time. With a 52DI-AC, high quality output and maximum printing efficiencies are easy to achieve.

The 52DI-AC incorporates on-press chemistry-free plate imaging and a central impression cylinder design where all 4 colors are laid down on the sheet without gripper changes, eliminating the potential for mis-registration. Spooled digital media is automatically dispensed, containing enough material for 44 full size jobs. After imaging, plates are automatically cleaned and ready for inking. Printed sheets are coated inline in just one pass.

Key features and benefits of the Presstek 52DI-AC include:

>> All-digital workflow efficiency
>> Integrated aqueous coater with anilox metering for maximum measuring and control
>> Matte, dull, satin or gloss coating applied in one pass without drying problems
Precise 4-color registration – no gripper changes eliminates potential for mis-       registration
>> 300 lpi and stochastic (FM) screening
>> Landscape format, max sheet size 20.47″ x 14.76″ (520mmx 375mm)
>> Accepts paper and packaging stocks up to 20 pts. thick (.02″ / .5mm)
>> Automated set-up and printing with 10-minute makeready, including plate imaging
>> Waterless printing for superior color range and image definition
>> Low cost per page for short-run printing
>> Eliminates the need for CTP equipment / offline platemaking
>> Environmentally friendly
>> New & Remanufactured systems carry a 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty