The Presstek 75DI digital offset press employs a waterless printing technology resulting in less waste, sharper images and a wider color gamut. The 75DI is available in 4- to 6-color configurations with inline aqueous coating being optional.  In addition to waterless printing and on-press imaging, the 75DI streamlines your printing process even further with simultaneous imaging and cleaning. 75DI press owners enjoy precise registration, extreme automation, and a small environmental footprint due chemistry-free on-press plate imaging.

Key Features and Benefits of the Presstek 75DI include:

>> Automated set-up and printing
>> Job-to-job turnover, including plate imaging in 6 minutes
>> 200 lpi – stochastic (FM) screening and 300 lpi job dependent
>> Print on a wide range of stocks
>> 31.02” x 23.62”maximum sheet size
>> Low cost per page for runs of 500 to 20,000
>> Environmental benefits
>> Chemistry-free on-press imaging
>> Waterless printing for superior color range and image definition

FeaturePresstek 75DI
Maximum Print Speed16,000 sheets per hour
Maximum Sheet Size31.02″ × 23.62″ (788mm × 600mm)
Stock Thickness 0.0016″–0.024″ (0.04mm–0.6mm)
Maximum Print Format29.92″ x 22.83″ (760 x 580 mm)
In-Line Coating OptionYes
IR DryerStandard
Resolution / Screen Ruling2540 dpi – 100 dots/mm – 200 lpi
Plate Type / Plates per rollPresstek ProFire Digital Media – 23 plates per roll
Pile CapacityFeeder 31.5″ (800mm) / Delivery 36.42″ (925mm)