The Presstek 52DI® Automated Printing System

52DI 4-color digital offset press is among the most efficient, productive and profitable printing systems on the market. Owning a DI results in a streamlined print production due to automation, fast on-press imaging and print speeds, and the total elimination of CTP systems.

Waterless Printing Design

The Presstek DI’s waterless printing design results in less waste, a wider color gamut, less dot gain, and enables you to get up to color fast so you don’t have to waste time with unnecessary adjustments. You’re saving time and resources without any compromises.

On Press Chemistry-Free Imaging and Automation

Presstek’s patented thermal laser imaging technology means you don’t have to worry about costly click charges or hazardous plate processing chemistry.  With a Presstek 52DI, 4 spools of media are inserted into the press, then automatically tensioned, imaged, cleaned and advanced so you don’t have to swap out media for 44 jobs!

Efficient Digital Workflow

The Presstek DI press integrates seamlessly into Macintosh and Windows workflows. Files are RIP’ed directly to the press; text, images and imposition can be checked on the DI’s on-press monitor or by using a hardcopy proofing solution.

Compact V-Shaped Design

Presstek’s DI imaging technology, combined with a central impression cylinder and single gripper system result in precise registration every time.

ECO-UV Enhancement for Presstek 52DI Presses

When you add ECO-UV to your DI press, you’re on a path to even greater success. ECO-UV enables you to print on more substrates, turn jobs around faster because of instant curing, plus you’ll save on energy costs compared to standard UV.

Presstek’s ECO-UV curing system for DI presses increases the range of materials that can be printed, increasing your value as a print service provider. You’ll be able to easily print on plastics and vinyl in addition to traditional paper and board.

With instant curing, ECO-UV accelerates production with even shorter time-to completion. Requiring significantly less power than standard UV, our new low energy ECO-UV option incorporates a UV lamp right in the delivery system. The compact ECO-UV cabinet complements the already compact footprint of Presstek DI presses. Ask us about adding ECO-UV to your existing DI press, or order it with your new or CPO DI!

Learn how RND Signs is achieving success with a 52DI ECO-UV

FeaturePresstek 52DI
Maximum Print Speed10,000 sheets per hour
Sheet OrientationLandscape
Sheet Thickness0.0024” – 0.02” (0.06 – 0.5mm)
Maximum Sheet Size20.47” x 14.76” (520 x 375 mm)
Image Resolution / Imaging Time 2540 dots/in (100 dots/mm) / 4.5 minutes
Automated Changeover10 minutes
Ink Zones, Rollers / Form Rollers16 ink zones / 15 ink rollers per unit / 4 form rollers
FeederRotary Stream Feed with suction feeder board
Pile CapacityFeeder 19.69” (500 mm) / Delivery 15.75 (400 mm)