RewindTANK series high-speed inspection rewinder are developed for high-speed rewinding and inspection of flexible packaging, plastic films and laminated films. The machine is composed of unwind, rewind, two splicing tables, traction, BST web guiding and observation lightbox. Together with full servo-driven system from Yasakawa/MK and closed-loop tension control system, to ensure stable operation and accurate rewinding and inspection performance of max. 500m/min. Various optional parts and user-friendly design will provide flexibility for daily use.

Main Features

Stable Performance

The whole machine is driven by high-precision servo control system, with stable tension control technology to ensure stable tension under 500m/min speed.
Combined with LUSTER’s inspection technology and knowledge, this machine is designed and tested to have best stability with minimum machine jumping, strong and stable like a TANK.

High Quality and Reliability

All key machine components are from top European/Japan manufacturers to achieve high reliability through constantly good quality.

User Friendly Design

Two splicing tables on both side of the machine with nip bars to fix the material for flexible operation.
Equipped with an IoT system which can monitor the working conditions remotely and provide remote diagnosis and service.
Clear user interface with two touch screen navigations on both rewind and unwind side for easy operation. All settings can be pre-set and saved for re-use to greatly reduce set-up times.

Flexible Options

Optional of full integration of LUSTER’s 100% quality inspection system or LUSTER’s workflow system for full quality control.
Optional waste trimming function with trimming blade and air suction
Optional edge winding machine and unloading arm