Digital Label finishing with embellishments

The Rhyguan PLUS330 is designed to finish digitally printed labels with high-quality embellishments. Adding value to labels that help brands sell their products faster.
The Rhyguan PLUS330 has a factory modular design that enables you to pick only the modules you need, in the sequence you need them.

High-quality well-built modules with the latest technology: Fully servo-driven, Reregistration at each module, independent step-and-repeat at each module, excellent tension control. All designed and built with one goal in mind: Efficient high-quality label production.

This modular converting machine is available in three widths: 333mm (PLUS330), 420mm (PLUS420), and with a more limited set of modules also in 520mm (PLUS520)

The PLUS330 is easy to use with a convenient touchscreen user interface on a sliding rail to have it positioned there where it is needed.

This Semi-Rotary Flexo unit is suitable to apply spot-varnish in the register. It is easy to switch from semi-rotary to full rotary to apply flood-coating if your job so requires.
The Flexo unit has a convenient slide-back panel for easy access and is default fitted with a large 204Z print cylinder, Anilox roll of choice, and Flexoconcepts orange doctor blades.
No tools are needed to mount the print-roller. Upgrade to a closed ink chamber allow full rotary backside printing, and upgrade further with print on the glue-side with a simple compact delam- and re-lam functionality.

It is possible to choose standard UV curing or LED UV curing. IR/Hotair drying is also available and for optimal flexibility can be combined with the UV curing into one machine. For heat-sensitive materials, a chill roller with an industrial chiller is also available. Ask about our sleeve solutions and other Flexo printing options you may require.

Add extra embellishments to your digitally printed label with Cold foil. Fully servo-driven unwind and rewind is also suitable for standard over-lamination.
For special applications, separate under-lamination is also available.

Create Peel and Reveal labels or multi-level labels using a standard flexo unit with extra delamination, printing on the glue side, including suitable rollers, followed by re-lamination. Special attention is given to allow the operator easy control over the (re)lamination angle.
Automated tension control of both layers with servo engines.
Optional integrated turn-bar and extra driven axis to enable usage of sensitive stretchable face materials.

For the next layer, an additional flexo unit to apply any glue killer if required, and then Laminate the pre-printed web onto the main (pre-printed) web in perfect register. Separate tension control of both layers to be laminated and the operator can control the lamination angle to allow for a wide range of media to be laminated with precision and perfect tension.

Request advice on configurations for your peal-and-reveal labels

Excellent Hot Foil and Embossing Results For The Highest Quality Labels Standard with 40T Pressure and optionally 60T Pressure.
7 servo engines are used to control the web and the foil tension, and also the pressure.  This unit is housed in a frame with “walls” of 60mm and a “roof” of 80mm solid steel. This is the basis to produce excellent hot foil embellishment with this module.

This heavy-duty hotfoil machine offers enough power for hotfoil and embossing in one step. This allows the creation of high-end label embellishments for wine and spirits labels. For example when foiling is combined in one single step with micro or nano-embossing.

Large stamps size
The 40T hotfoil unit has enough power to hotfoil 300x300mm large plates on even the most challenging wine label media. An optional factory upgrade to 60T of pressure is available and especially recommended when choosing a 420mm wide unit.

Stable pressure:
The application of pressure is fully separated from the leveling by design.
9 big bolts secure the leveling which our engineers fine-tune during installation. Daily application of pressure uses a pressure dial, which the operator can use without fear to upset the leveling results.

Reduced set-up time:
The Automatic Constant dwell time function will keep the actual time that the foil is pressed onto the label material constant, even when changing the speed of the web, This helps to reduce waste and set-up time.
Automatic reregistration of print marks and automatic re-positioning of the labels independent of the frame size helps to further improve productivity.
The automatic lubrication reduces maintenance tasks and ensures the durability of the system.

Equipped with:
– Differential Foil Unwinds Shaft (simultaneously foil max 8 rolls of foil)
– Foil along and across the web
– Foil saving function and Intermittent Foil,
– Electronic Temperature Control, with optionally 2 separate temperature zones
– Automatic registration
– Constant Dwell-time function (Press time independent of speed)
– Automatic lubrication
– Different sets of plates available.
– Can also be used for flatbed die-cutting with a max of 400 stamps/min
– Foil area 330 x 300
– Upgrade for the latest 10um thick hot foil foils

Hologram applications
A factory upgrade for the hotfoil application of holograms can be selected. Rhyguan offers two types of hologram upgrades, depending on the exact application required.

one single-lane re-registration of the foil
independent reregistration of 6 narrow lanes of foil.

Request free-of-charge samples

Digital foil Digital varnish digital Silk
One module that offers digital foil, as well as digital varnish and digital Silk results. Fully digital without a need for plates. Very suitable for ultra short-run jobs, and personalized labels, or high-end security applications.

The unit comes standard with one UV pre-curing unit to secure the shape of the droplets. Full curing happens in the second curing unit, to allow foil to attach itself to the exact shape of the droplets. With a maximum thickness of 50um, also suitable for metal doming results.

Semi-rotary Die-cutting
The Semi-rotary die-cutting module features a large digitally controlled servo-driven and is standard equipped with a 204Z magnetic cylinder. This creates compatibility to match the frame-sizes of digitally printed webs from all major brand digital printers.
With digital control over the timings and positioning, accuracy and repeatability are outstanding.
The die-plates are easy to mount, and pressure sensors can be added for precision control over the die-cutting pressure. The standard gap between the magnetic cylinder and the Anvil is 0.48mm. A gap of up to 1mm is optional. For optimal control over the gap and to better die-cut different materials, Rhyguan recommends Rotometrics® Adjustable Clearance Anvil.

Upgrade to semi-automatic die-cutting, with extra aids for loading die-cutting plates, automatic pressure control, and near-automatic positioning.

This unit can run both semi-rotary and full rotary.
Semi-rotary die-cutting speed upto 70m/min.
Full rotary die-cutting speed up to 120m/min

The flatbed die-cutting module is fully servo-driven. The die-pressure is applied from underneath and up, digitally controlled movement with a large servo engine, while the step-and-repeat is also digitally controlled with two servo engines. With digital control over the timings, accuracy and repeatability are outstanding. The die-cutting frames are easy to mount, and precision adjustments can be numerically controlled.

Frame length max 300mm frame length (true useable)
Maximum speed of 400 stamps/ minute
Maximum web speed is 120m/min.

Choose the most suitable slitting options that fit your needs.
Automatic shear slitting unit will allow the operator to insert knife positions into the touchscreen user interface, or directly from your CRM/pre-press software through JDF.
Saving 5-10 minutes of set-up time per job, for each job. Increasing both operator productivity and machine utilization with approximately an hour/shift.

Traditional manual shear slitting is also available. Add extra flexibility by adding razor blade slitting to your shear slitting system. Slitting comes standard with trim-extraction including a simple suction engine.