Offline Label Inspection and Finishing Application

Rotoflex VTI designed for the most stringment label inspection and finishing applications. The NEW Bi-Directional Rotoflex VTI Series allows our customers to inspect, rework and re-inspect rolls to meet the ever increasing requirements of pharmaceutical compliance and high security packaging.

High-Speed Advanced Inspection and Rework at an Affordable Price

  • Key Benefits
    Re-inspection after fault correction ensures accurate final product
    Optional inspection system for missing labels, splices, flags, spots, fading and missing color, text defects and registration
    Optional 1D and 2D barcode reading, barcode grading, OCR, braille
    Ergonomically optimized for sit down operation
  • Standard Features
    User-friendly operator interface with exclusive URC 2.0 and eDrive 2.0 control system
    Compatible with multiple leading vision systems
    Fault placement for accurate verification and correction
    Supports both standard and pharma/security mode
Web Width 10 inches (250 mm)
Max Speed (May vary with application) 750 fpm (228 mpm)
Unwind / Rewind Capacity 18 inches (457 mm)
Repeat Range Semi-Rotary: Up to 19 inches (482 mm)
Machine Dimensions


44x42xx43 inch (1120x1070x840mm)
Options High intensity Strobe
Clear-on-Clear Label Count
Flag & Splice Detection
Matrix and Missing Label Detection
1D and 2D Barcode Reading, Barcode Grading, OCR, braille
Integrated Inkjet and Bar Coding Unit
Biometric Authentication (Fingerprint)
Report Management System (RMS)
Multilane Counter
Booklet Configuration

VTI Features

    • URC 2.0 Control System
      Report management system
      High performance processor
      Most advanced defect detection system available
      LINEAR – independent stream count
      MMLD – 100% missing matrix and label detection
      PRECISE faul placement at editing table
      Automatic sensor calibration reduces set-up time and waste
    • eDrive 2.0
      Better use of power which results in better roll characteristics
      Seamless roll quality at any speed and with any speed changes
      Faster acceleration and decelerationwith maximum control
      Increase prodution effectiveness and preserves roll quality
    • Vision System Integration
      Vision system selection is critical to ensuring accurate final product. Whether the application calls for 100%accurancy, variable data or braille inspection or barcode reading, the application design team at Rotoflex works closely with you to integrate the most advanced vision technology available to ensure a precise deliverable.