The Rhyguan SMART HMS series are robust inspection slitter rewinders. The SMART HMS is designed to work with an AVT or a BST 100% Camera inspection system. Faulty labels will stop on the inspection table automatically. Then your operator can take action easily and productively prior to slitting the labels.

The Rhyguan SMART Slitter rewinder is standard fitted with high-precision slitting knives. It can be used with a wide range of materials because it comes with a dual NIP system. The First NIP is located prior to the slitting knives and the second NIP is positioned just after the slitting knives. An operator can select to use either or both of the NIPS. Enabling him to slit standard label stock, thick glue label stock, and also thin films on the same machine. The SMART HMS can be upgraded with automatic shear-slitting knives. The operator can control the position of the slitting knives from the touch screen user interface. Easily add razor blade slitting to your shear slitting system to quickly switch from one type of media to another.

The Rhyguan SMART HMS is available in three widths: 330mm 450mm and 520mm.

Accuracy and seamless operation are guaranteed.

Operating the SMART HMS is easy and intuitive using a touchscreen user interface. Also the web is easy to access. Unwind and Rewind tension can easily be controlled separately. A label and meter counter with automatic slowdown and stop functions to get an accurate number of labels on the rewind rolls are standard included. Automatic end-of-roll detection, slow down, and stop are also standard included.

The optional web-advance function helps the operator to productively rewind high-quality rolls with precision. The web advance functions can also act as a lay-on roller when rewinding thin films. Differential rewind shafts with automatic tension control are also optionally available.

Several options for rewinding are available.
Dual rewind System with two independently driven air expandable mandrels. Each has an independent tension settings.
Semi-automatic turret rewind provides a higher productivity when rewinding pre-die-cut label stock.
For rewinding single-layer films upgrade with differential rewind shafts (a core-lock mechanism). Add control of the slip tress-hold of the differential rewind shafts from the User interface. Pressure rollers to avoid air-bubbles to build-up are also available.

Optional integration with your CRM system is possible with the Rhyguan JDF/JMF interface will become available in 2024. JDF data can be used to automatically position slitting knives, counting, and collation, in-ward outward rewinding. the SMART HMS and seamlessly collect management information including the number of faulty labels in real-time.

The SMART HMS can also be fitted with an inkjet system for front-side or back-side sequential numbering.

Features & Benefits

High speed

100% Inspection slitter rewinder machine with re-inspection up to 300m/min
Choice of web widths

330mm, 450mm, and 520mm
Advanced servo technology

Provides perfect web control, with separately adjustable web tension for the unwind- and the rewind sections.

Inspection system of choice

Designed for integration with any major brand inspection system


user friendly, with an inspection table in the middle.

Web path

minimal 7 meters. Optional web-advance.

Counting options

Automatic slow-down and stop upon reaching a set number of labels, or set number of meters.

Quick set up and change over

the Touchscreen user interface to easily set cutting distance, counting, and collation amount.


designed for a wide range of applications and materials.

Inkjet numbering

Optionally add either front-side or back-side inkjet numbering.

standard shear slitting included. Optional Automatic slitting to control the knives from the touchscreen user-interface. Razorblade slitting also available.

Rewind thin films

with optional Core-Lock differential rewind shafts. Slip threshold can be controlled from the touchscreen user panel. Add Lay-on rollers avoid air-bubbles during rewinding