Mark Andy is pleased to announce multiple recent Performance Series press sales in Latin America. In two years more than 15 Performance Series machines have been installed throughout the region, from Mexico to Argentina and most countries in between.

Recent Performance Series installations include a 17 inch (432mm) P5 for Regispel Bobinas e Etiquetas in Brasil, a 10 inch (250mm) P5 for Jackrom de Venezuela, and the first P3 sold into the region, a 10 inch (250mm) P3 for Color Digital in Mexico.

With an estimated annual growth of +5.3% up to 2013, the Latin American label industry continues to be a strong global market. Converters in the region are showing more interest in newer technology and are extremely business savvy with regard to efficiency and productivity. The benefits of the Performance Series – including fast changeovers, reduced makereadies and minimal waste – are appealing to these profit-conscious business owners.

“The Latin American market has been a consistently performing market for us,” states John Cavey, Mark Andy’s sales manager for Latin America. “While the economic downturn strongly affected many areas of the world, Latin America has survived relatively unscathed and converters are interested in investing in their operations. We are seeing more and more advanced applications coming from the region and we are proud to have the breadth of products to support these initiatives.”