Students at Mark Andy University receive hands-on training on a Mark Andy press

The Mark Andy Customer Support team introduces Mark Andy University, a complete resource for training and guidance to the more than 14,000 global owners of Mark Andy, Rotoflex, Comco and Arpeco equipment. Mark Andy University consists of highly qualified trainers with the experience and knowledge unique to an OEM service team and is one of the most comprehensive training programs available today.

The initial launch of classes is targeted to users of Mark Andy press models. Participants have the opportunity to attend week-long classes at Mark Andy University in St. Louis, Missouri, where certified trainers will provide courses covering press troubleshooting, PLC monitoring, press calibration and ongoing maintenance.

Recommended for maintenance professionals, press operators and anyone else who has day-to-day press room responsibilities, these classes are an opportunity to gain a more complete knowledge of the equipment and bring a higher level of productivity to their operations. Classes are available for all skill levels.

In addition to providing training on press mechanics, Mark Andy University also offers print training, including tips and techniques to improve the end user’s productivity and quality of employees. Print training classes touch on a variety of topics including print station set-up, anilox selection and theory, plate mounting and tension maintenance. The trainer also reviews set up and use of additional components specific to the press. This is an ideal opportunity for converters with new equipment, or those who are interested in expanding their gamut of applications.

If travel to Mark Andy University is not possible, certified trainers are available to provide training on-site at a converter’s facility. This complements the wide variety of other services available through Mark Andy Customer Support including spare parts, upgrades and retrofits, performance maximization (PM) programs and technical service.

Classes are available immediately. For more information or to register, contact Kathy Hobday, Showroom & Training Coordinator, at +1 636 681 9002 or by email at