Mark Andy announced the official launch of its Digital Series hybrid inkjet/flexo press, which integrates a 6-color UV inkjet module (CMYKOV+W) into a P7 press line. Live demonstrations of the press featured on-the-fly job changes and use of decorating options including cold foil, flexo spot color and varnish, as well incorporating Mark Andy’s Quick Change Die Cut (QCDC) technology.

Mark Andy also premiered a zero waste windup system for the Performance Press series.

Jaren D Marler, Mark Andy chief technology officer, runs the company’s digital operation from a base in San Diego. He pointed out that the digital unit achieves speeds up to 240 fpm, making truly hybrid, in-line operation possible.

‘We also have an open digital architecture. We can put in different heads or inks as the technology changes. For the future, more colors and wider is our direction.’ Mark Andy is partnering with an un-named supplier to deliver inkjet inks through its existing consumables distribution network, and Marler says these inks are optimized for the inkjet heads.

Greg Palm, executive vice-president for new business development, said the possibility is open to integrate the digital press with Mark Andy’s ProLED LED-UV system once the inks are available. The press already uses LED-UV for inter-station pinning.

This Labelexpo was also the first appearance of the new-look Mark Andy management team following the recent MBO.

‘Mark Andy is no longer for sale!’ announced president and CEO, Kevin Wilken. ‘Being sold every few years is not a great thing. The same management team that created Mark Andy’s strategy is now running the company.’

Wilken added that being owned by a private equity group had left a positive legacy: ‘They invested heavily in Mark Andy, meaning we could develop products like the new Versamax (flexible packaging press).’

The show also sees Mark Andy become a full service supplier with the launch of Mark Andy Print Products. The company recently added the DigiFlex CTP system to a full range of workflow solutions from plates to press consumables. ‘We are not just selling a press, we are owning any issues that the customer has,’ said Steve Schulte, vice-president of sales and marketing. On the RotoFlex side of the business, an improved edrive system was announced, allowing ‘instant’ start/stop, remote management and improved speeds up to 2,000fpm.